Cancer and reproducibility of decisions

By lisa mcshane, garnet anderson, and christine berg validation of early detection cancer biomarkers has proven to be disappointing when initial promising claims have often not been reproducible in diagnostic samples or did not extend to prediagnostic samples. Concerns about the research reproducibility increased mainly after the pharmaceuticals bayer and amgen reported not being able to reproduce much of the articles that describe chemicals as potential new drugs for the treatment of cancer and other diseases, as previously reported in this blog1-3. The reproducibility project: cancer biology is an open investigation of reproducibility in preclinical cancer biology research we have identified 50 high impact cancer biology articles published in the period 2010-2012, and plan to replicate a subset of experimental results from each article.

Reproducibility, the ability to replicate or reproduce experimental results, is one of the major tenets of the scientific method however, in the case of academic preclinical research, reproducibility (or more accurately the lack of reproducibility) has become a significant problem. Interplay between patent law and reproducibility posted by hejab azam on march 6, 2017 at 3:23 pm a patent is a legally granted right to manufacture, use, or sell an invention for a certain number of years, and to exclude others from doing so. Given the updated classification in the ajcc cancer staging manual, 8th edition (ajcc 8), particularly with changes in definitions of t1a vs t1b or greater, the m-path database enables a new comparison of pathologist concordance with a reference standard and reproducibility in the microstaging of melanoma according to both the existing ajcc 7.

The failure to clearly demonstrate reproducibility in this kind of assessment constitutes an important “no-go” result, because a conclusion that chance might explain discrimination has major implications for decisions about conduct of further research, about claims made, and even about publication. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women and a leading cause of cancer death worldwide management of breast cancer relies on the availability of robust clinical and pathological prognostic and predictive factors to guide patient decision making and the selection of treatment options. Background accurate determination of the predictive markers human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (her2/erbb2), estrogen receptor (er/esr1), progesterone receptor (pgr/pgr), and marker of proliferation ki67 (mki67) is indispensable for therapeutic decision making in early breast cancerin this multicenter prospective study, we addressed the issue of inter- and intrasite reproducibility. The cancer moonshot needs a reproducibility toolkit in may 2016, iclac wrote a letter to us vice president joe biden and the national cancer advisory board, urging that common principles and requirements are adopted for training and quality assurance testing of research materials. The immunoscore assay showed a high level of reproducibility between observers and centres (r =0 7 for colon tumour r =0 7 for invasive margin p0 001) in the training set, patients a decision was made, together with the society for immunotherapy of cancer, to initiate an international cancer, we have shown that time to.

Request pdf on researchgate | prostate cancer: what about reproducibility of decision made at multidisciplinary team management | the prostate cancer (pca) treatment is multimodal thus. Dietary factors play a major role in the development of colorectal cancer this study evaluated the reproducibility and validity of a 109-food item food frequency questionnaire (ffq) to measure the consumption of foods and nutrients related to the development of colorectal cancer in a population. The reproducibility project: cancer biology (rp:cb) is an initiative to conduct direct replications of 50 high-impact cancer biology studies the project anticipates learning more about predictors of reproducibility, common obstacles to conducting replications, and how the current scientific incentive structure affects research practices by estimating the rate of reproducibility in a sample of.

Ihc4: research into the analytical validity (reliability and reproducibility) of the complete ihc4 test is recommended (an algorithm combining 4 markers and classical clinical and pathological variables), particularly within the nhs and when performed in local laboratories studies to confirm the. According to headlines in recent years, coffee causes cancerand it cures cancer moderate alcohol consumption improves healthand adults should consume no alcohol for optimum health drugs for osteoporosis cause esophageal cancerand don’t cause it. Such a shift could reduce bias in design, analysis, and reporting decisions that elicit positive results and ignore negative results the other change is practical – science will benefit by taking advantage of current technologies and a shift in incentives to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of research. With accuracy and reproducibility of cancer centerm geisel school of medicine at dartmouth, the dartmouth institute for health policy and clinical practice, the report or in the decision to submit the article for publication accepted for publication february 21, 2018.

  • Furthermore, reproducibility and sources of imprecision were investigated using individual patient samples (thereby reflecting the day-to-day use of the assay.
  • Inform personalized therapeutic decisions remains a major challenge pharmacogenomics has emerged as a promising strategy to rapidly elucidate the link between genes and drugs by systematically characterizing the effects of pharmacologic enhancing reproducibility in cancer drug screening: how.

Standardizing echocardiography measurements that guide treatment decisions in cancer is needed • the authors assessed the reproducibility of echocardiographic measurements in cancer across two echocardiography core laboratories. The cancer diagnosis program strives to improve the diagnosis and assessment of cancer by effectively moving new scientific knowledge into clinical practice this national program stimulates, coordinates and funds resources and research for the development of innovative in vitro diagnostics, novel diagnostic technologies and appropriate human specimens in order to better characterize cancers. Updated st gallen international breast cancer guidelines reinforce important role of genomic testing in treatment of early breast cancer oncotype dx® test endorsed for guiding treatment decisions on adjuvant chemotherapy both in node-negative and in node-positive disease.

cancer and reproducibility of decisions Reproducibility in preclinical research [5], both science [6] and nature [7] have featured recent editorials on reproducibility, and several authors have noted the issues of utilizing big data for public health [8], but few methods exist to ensure that big data resources.
Cancer and reproducibility of decisions
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